Why do you want to play guitar?

Why do you want to play guitar?

by Rene Kerkdyk, professional guitar teacher

If I could only ask one question to determine whether you will be successful in learning the guitar, it would be this:

Why do you want to play guitar?

Have you ever really thought about it? If not, you should, because this question can help you a lot if you have motivation problems. To be quite clear: learning an instrument takes time and commitment. The more clearly you know why you are doing it, the greater the likelihood that you will stay on the ball even in difficult times and not write off your dream of playing the guitar.

If in doubt, ask yourself now: Why do you want to play the guitar?

Here are a few suggestions to help you:

Do you play the guitar to impress a young woman (Yes, that was my initial motivation.)
or maybe to shine at a party (which is somehow difficult in Corona times)
or because you are looking for the relaxation that music can give you,
or to write songs
or because your parents say: You have to learn an instrument (- do parents still do that today?)
or because you were given a guitar
or or or …

As soon as you have your first answer, ask yourself “Why?” again.
Why is this important to you? What does it give you that you don’t have yet?

This may sound like you’re talking to a five year old, but the idea is good. Try to be so clear to yourself why you want something that you can explain it to a five-year-old.

If you can do that, the chances are high that you will survive the difficult times of learning guitar and become a good guitarist.

About the author:
René Kerkdyk is a guitar instructor in Hildesheim, Germany. He is not shying away from using unusual method to get his students to play guitar how they want to play it as fast as humanly possible.