Monsters Who Sleep is the proud, third founding member of Free the Nation Music; a movement of musicians and music fans supporting freedom. Created with adamant opposition towards tyranny rooted government and their COVID19 lockdowns and restrictions. If you stand against those who seek to control, manipulate, and coerce you and fellow citizens into giving away your power, it is good to have you on our side.
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My name is Joshua Richard, the sole proponent of Monsters Who Sleep. I do it all. I write, record, and produce my own music. My own home studio is not “state of the art”, but I’m very proud of it, because it lets me express who I am.

As a 90’s kid, playing music is the most rewarding adventure I’ve ever been on. It’s my purpose in life to be a light in the darkness. To reach my hand into the mouth of the beast, and pull out the key to deeper meaning. The profound happiness I feel when I connect with someone who enjoys what I do keeps me going. There is nothing else I would rather do with my life than bang out some guitar chords, and sing my little heart out. Believe me, I mean nothing. There is a reason I don’t have any college or university degrees hanging on a wall.

After struggling with severe mental health issues, I refuse to take life for granted. Living in shelters through the Canadian winter, suffering inside our mental health system. There were moments where I thought I wouldn’t make it out alive, and other moments where I didn’t want to be alive. Inhabitants and coordinators at the shelter treated me like shit. I lost my winter jacket, my trust in the shelter system, and worst of all, my headphones (how could I listen to music now?)

A lot has changed in my life since that point. I’m happy, healthy both mentally and physically, and my music gives me power that I needed for so long. I’ve always been kind of a goofball, and my humor has gotten better over the years. Despite all the suffering, I’ve kept in good spirits. This optimism is something I hope I can hold onto until the day I’m reincarnated as a clown wig.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, a city on the East Coast of Canada is my nest. However, the place I really feel at home is with people I love, wherever it is on Earth. Though, I could ramble about how much I dislike Canadian winters. I’d rather be positive and say that Summer is when I feel most alive, which is why a lot of my music mentions Summer time.

I was home schooled until grade 9, and at that point I joined public school. School sucked, but even though I failed a few classes, I graduated, thanks to my parents’ encouragement. I wouldn’t consider myself an academic person, but learning is one of my highest priorities in life. I’ve attended several Tom Hess Music Corporation live events in Chicago, Illinois. Where I learned about music business, songwriting, improving musical skills and more. Hundreds of other musicians – a lot of my friends from around the world attend these events every year.

The musicians who shaped my sound are: This Wild Life, Secondhand Serenade, and Never Shout Never. I also draw a lot of inspiration from rock, hardcore, and heavy metal. Certain hip hop artists often pique my interest, and I listen to a wide range of other genres. Classical music, various bands, solo artists of all types, random songs and genres hold definite space in my music collection. I’ve played drums in the scene, too. I was somewhat of a local legend in my city (or at least in my circle of friends).

I could talk about myself all day, but would rather form a true connection with you.

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See you on the flip side! :~)